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MAT156 OER Team

Dr. Hirsch, Jenna

MAT156 Course Creator

Hirsch, Jenna

Dr. Licwinko, Susan

Co-chair of .5 Course Committee

Licwinko, Susan

Prof. Xin, Ke

Co-chair of .5 Course Committee

Xin, Ke

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Zummo, Janice

Assistant Dean for Academic Support Services BMCC


Peskoff, Fred

BMCC Mathematics Professor and Chair of the Mathematics Department


Amaral, Jean

Associate Professor/Open Knowledge Librarian at BMCC/CUNY

To Our Volunteers: Thank You!

Shaun Mohamed, Computer Networking, BMCC, 2018

Benjamin Adame, Applied Math, John Jay College, 2021

Dachi Gogichaishvili, Science, BMCC, 2020

Junzhe Wen, Accounting, Binghamton University, 2021

Jennifer Sung, Economics, Columbia University

Chloé Zambrano, Computer Science, Hunter College

ChengLuan Mai, Computer Science, New York City College of Technology, 2020

Zhongai Shi (石忠爱), Computer Science, University at Buffalo

Zhongen Shi (石忠恩), Computer Science, University at Buffalo

Weiliang Li, Liberal Arts, BMCC, 2020

Alyssa Duran, Liberal Arts, BMCC, 2020

Ibrahim Mubusam, Financial Management, BMCC, 2020

Anthony Masiello, Liberal Arts, BMCC, 2021

XiaoHong Mei, Childhood Education, BMCC, 2020

Xinyu Ke, Business Administration, BMCC, 2021

Han Liu, Statistics, University at Buffalo

Yunqin Lin, Accounting, Baruch College

Shuai Yang, Digital Marketing, Baruch College

Jiaquan Huang, Business Administration, BMCC, 2021

Zhenchao Xia, Computer Science, BMCC, 2021

Huansang Shi, Accounting, BMCC, 2021

Zhishan Li, Business Administration, BMCC, 2021

Su Huang (黄素), Early Childhood Education, BMCC, 2021

Jingyin Feng (冯静茵), Accounting, BMCC, 2021

Qiwen Mai, Early Childhood Education, BMCC, 2021

Hyunwoo Jang, Engineering, BMCC, 2021

Wenshuai Cao, Nursing, BMCC

Huiwen Shi (Shirley), International Business, Baruch College, 2018


We would like to thank the 400+ volunteers we'vd had over the years. Without their hard work and selfless dedication, Help Your Math would not be possible. Thank you!!

All Other Helpyourmath OER Team Members

Dr. Familton, Johannes

Familton, Johannes

Dr. Lee, Jae Ki

Jae Ki Lee

Dr. Jaffe, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Jaffe

Prof. Erstenyuk, Liana

Liana Erstenyuk

Prof. Bai, Eric Ning

Eric Ning Bai

Prof. Uddin, Shahin

Shahin Uddin

Prof. Saha, Babul

Familton, Johannes

Prof. Mancu, Petruc

Jae Ki Lee

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